Dark Skies Run Series

Fun, inclusive and challenging trail runs in the darkest places.


Come and take part in the UK's Premier Night time trail running series based at Kielder Resevoir , Derwent Resevoir and Grassholme Resevoir. Trail Outlaws offer a unique experience and running challenge like no other. All three of these resevoirs are set in waterside parks. That are actively maintained and shared with the public by Nothumbrian Water - Living Water.

Distances at the events range from 5K to marathon distance.

We are passionate about staging fun, inclusive and challenging trail runs in the darkest of places. That's why we have hand picked Britian's most beautiful Dark Skies Parks to host our events. Whether you're new to the trails or a regular, come and try our Dark Skies Run events for a new and unique challenge. We promise you won't regret it.

Your chance to grab a season ticket to all of Trail Outlaws Dark Skies Run Series events in 2024.

One easy discounted payment guaranteeing you a place in all of 2024's events.

  • Dark Skies Run @ Kielder 11M -17th March 2024
  • Dark Skies Run @ Grassholme 10K - 13th April 2024
  • Dark Skies Run @ Darkathlon 10K - 18th May 2024
  • Dark Skies Run @ Derwent 10K - 1st June 2024

What the season ticket gets you:

  • All 4 events entered with 10% discount off the total.
  • All event goodies including, 4 x medals and 4 x Race mementos
  • You will also be entered in the Dark Skies Run Series League 2024 with a chance to win trophies for yourself.
  • As an extra bonus you will also receive and extra award at our Dark Skies Run League presentation evening later in the year if you manage to complete all the events in the series.